A few weeks ago, a story went viral about a woman riding around a Walmart parking lot, intoxicated, while driving an electric scooter and drinking wine out of a Pringles container. She was since banned from Walmart for life after what happened, but everyone got such a kick out of the whole situation and moms everywhere found themselves relating to the woman’s story. After all, we’re sure every mom has had the kind of days where everything drives her nutty and she’s ready to go off the deep end. We feel you, girl.

The woman in questions name has not been released, but officers in Witchita Falls, Texas officers responded to a report of a suspicious person around 9 a.m. on a Friday at a Walmart in Wichita Falls. The city is about 125 miles northwest of Dallas, near the Oklahoma border. She had been riding on her electric scooter, with her Pringle’s can filled with wine for about three hours in the parking lot. The police hunted her down and found her at a nearby restaurant, banning her from visiting Walmart again.

The whole thing was so hilarious that a company is now selling Pringle’s tumblers and everyone can’t wait to get their hands on one (or five).

The company is called The Cup Artist and they can be found on Etsy. Each is a twenty ounce tumbler cup, perfect for coffee, wine, or beverage of your choosing. They are wrapped in a Pringles logo and can be ordered in the Original red design, an Original blue starburst design, Ranch or Sea Salt and Vinegar.

Celeste Powers is the artist behind these designs and told MyRecipes that she created them because she thought the Walmart story was hilarious (as did we!). She was then inspired to spoof it on a cup.

Each tumbler is custom-coated and UV printed, rather than just being glued or painted on, so you don’t have to worry about the Pringles label peeling away. Each comes with a lid and straw, too.

And if you were wondering, neither chips or wine come with your online order.

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