Working from home has its perks: It’s awesome to eat whenever you want, be able to wear your pajamas and avoid traffic. But there are challenges that can get super frustrating. Here are five ways to survive working from home, courtesy of Life Hacker:
  • Find opportunities to chit-chat. Relying on the communication system you use for work (example: Slack) is a good solution to that sense of disconnect. Set up private smaller chat rooms so you don’t clog the main feed.
  • Fell free to be nosy. Ask what’s going on—either a trusted co-worker, or your superior. It’s not crazy to ask for updates or private conversations so you can stay abreast of any news.
  • Be your own cheerleader. Keep track of your accomplishments. That way, you know why you deserve to be considered as seriously as your peers in the office, and can advocate for yourself. It’s also not unreasonable to ask your supervisors for feedback every once in a while.
  • Know when your work day ends. Make sure to set boundaries for yourself, and have a clear cut moment that marks the “end of the day.” If you have a boss that tends to message you like you’re on call, say you will look at it “tomorrow” or whenever normal business hours commence.
  • Reach out to other people. Working remotely can be lonely. Make sure you set up time with friends, take group exercise classes, explore hobbies with a social component, or join a co-working space so you have someplace to go to work away from your bedroom.