(Mankato, MN) –  Wonders Ice Cream has announced they’ll open shop in Mankato.

The “Hibachi of Ice Cream” announced on Facebook that they’ll open in the spring.  The company, founded in 2017 is the first rolled ice cream parlor in Minnesota.

On their website, Wonders describes how they make their aesthetically pleasing desserts.

“Our process begins with the “magic base”. We then add our unique flavors and blend it all together. After creating the ice cream base and flavor, we then pour it onto our ice grill and have the ice cream chill at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, we use our hibachi scrappers to mix the ingredients together and spread the ice cream into a thin layer. Your unique flavored ice cream is then ready to roll, in just two minutes.”

No details were provided on the exact date or location of the new store.

Watch the Maple Grove shop make a creation:

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