An irate pet owner is suing dog food company Blue Buffalo — claiming their advertising is misleading and has left her with a plus-sized diabetic pooch.

Shannon Walton says she purchased Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe for her 7-year-old pup Tucker, compelled by packaging claiming the chow was “inspired by the diet of wolves.”

Yet the food actually contains carbohydrates, “which are neither healthy for dogs nor a meaningful part of the diet of grey wolves,” the suit says.

The class action lawsuit claims Tucker, a Labrador-beagle mix, now has diabetes from wolfing down too much Blue Buffalo over the years, and “requires medical attention for canine obesity.”

Walton says she now has to pay for Tucker’s vet bills because of the misleading marketing.

The Hopewell Junction woman is seeking a jury trial, citing unjust enrichment and violation of New York General Business Laws.