NO question about it – dressing for a friend’s wedding can be a total fashion minefield.

But while most of us are too busy obsessing over not wearing white to think of much else, one wedding guest has been branded “attention seeking” for questioning whether she go braless on her pal’s big day.

Posting on parenting forum Mumsnetthe woman explained how the backless design of the dress she’s planning on wearing “means a normal bra would be visible” underneath.

She wrote: “At the front, the dress has a high neckline and sleeves so all very covered up.

“I wasn’t planning on wearing a bra but I showed [darling partner] the dress on yesterday and he said he thought I should wear one.”

As a D-cup, the woman added: “I could get one of those stick on ones but I’m not convinced they’re very effective.”

Insisting that she’d be “completely covered at the front and the dress isn’t see through”, the woman asked: “Is it rude in some way not to wear a bra to a wedding?”

However, other users were quick to accuse the woman of being “attention seeking”.

One replied: “I expect the bride will expect the guests to be looking at her and not your pert and unfettered D cup breasts.”

Another wrote: “If it’s a little cold on the day of the wedding, the photos will make it somewhat – erm- clear that your boobs are free ranging under the material.”

Meanwhile, a third joked: “Unless your husband is a Victorian, I think the fact that he’s the only person who has seen you in the dress and he thinks you should wear a bra is probably significant.”

But not everyone was so critical of the woman – with many saying that she should wear whatever makes her feel comfortable.

“You are NOT being unreasonable,” one wrote. “Wear whatever you are comfortable with. It’s your dress and your boobs.”

Similarly, another replied: “I’m a 34D and never wear a bra. Do what makes you feel comfortable and how you feel you will look your best.”