What’s the Best Pizza In MN? Here’s a Clue…..It’s in Mankato

Group of friends having a pizza at home

The Des Moines Register recently did an article aggregrating all of Trip Advisor’s ratings for the best pizza in the U.S., state by state, and Mankato’s own came out on top for Minnesota. What pizza restaurant won? If you guess Pagliai’s Pizza, you guessed right!

The Des Moines Tegister came to the conclusion using this methodology: “Using the tens of thousands of ratings added daily by diners on its review site, TripAdvisor has named the top-rated pizzerias in every state.

The list is based on the opinions of TripAdvisor diners. It takes into account the ratio and quality of pizzeria reviews compared to overall ratings, along with quality and quantity of reviews received in the past year (ending September 2018). Featured restaurants have a minimum of 4 out of 5 bubbles, 100 reviews and 10 locations or less as of September.”

Do you agree? Is it the best?




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