(Waseca, MN) – Police say a pair of Waseca brothers financially exploited their mother, who lived in a nursing facility.

Robert Marshall Weber, 43, and Nathan Paul Weber, 40, were each charged with two felony counts of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult in Waseca County Court.

An investigation started after the men’s mother was served an eviction notice for falling $20,000 behind on her balance at a Faribault care center.  The investigation revealed that checks totaling $3,500 from the woman’s account had been written to Robert Weber.  The checks were signed by Nathan Weber, the victim’s power of attorney.  Another $2,170 of withdrawals had from the account from Nathan Weber, according to the criminal complaint.

The victim told detectives that she was not aware of the past-due balance or the eviction notice at the nursing facility.  She said Nathan was in charge of her finances, and Robert lived at her home rent-free and does not work.  She was not aware money was being given to Robert.

Nathan Weber told investigators he was aware of the eviction notice.  He said he manages the victim’s finances, but only by giving his mother a spoken account of expenditures.  He told police that his mother wrote checks out to Robert every month for household expenses, but not on a regular basis.

Robert Weber told police the funds had been used to cover household maintenance and groceries.   He reportedly told police his mother knew about any money he’d used and said “dude, I took care of my mom for 7 years 24/7. ”

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