(Mankato, MN) –  February is turning out to be one of the snowiest in Minnesota’s history, and this week’s snowfall could help break records.

Snow fell throughout the day Sunday, adding inches to snow piles that were already getting cumbersome.  But even as southern Minnesotans were digging out from that round of snow, they knew it was only the first in a week of snowy battles.

The National Weather Service predicts another week with multiple rounds of snow.  Forecasts indicate snow totaling up to 8 inches will fall from Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Another snow event is likely from Friday afternoon into the evening.  Saturday carries a 40 percent chance of snow, with winds expected to pick up in the evening.  More snow could drop on Sunday, with forecasters calling for a 50/50 chance that a white gloom will again descend upon the region.

A break appears to be in store for the Mankato area Monday, with partly sunny skies and highs around 20.  In the meantime, break out your shovel.

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