Two rabid bats have been discovered in Minneapolis in the past five weeks, animal control officials have announced.

The Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC) is warning residents to take precautions after the recent discoveries just west of downtown Minneapolis and in Lowry Hill East.

Animal control officers found a bat that tested positive for rabies at Glenwood Ave. and Logan Ave. N., in the Harrison neighborhood, this past Wednesday.

On May 23, it picked up another rabies-positive bat on the corner of Emerson Ave. S. and West 25th St., just off of Hennepin Ave.

In the earlier incident, the man who found the bat says he may have come into contact with the bat’s saliva and is being treated for rabies. Nobody was exposed to the bat’s bodily fluids in last Wednesday’s incident, the Star Tribune notes.

Rabies is almost always fatal following the onset of symptoms that can include aggression, agitation, confusion, muscle spasms, seizures, weakness and paralysis.


Residents are advised that in the event they find a bat inside their house, not to touch it or allow their pets to have contact.

They should also not discard a bat, even if it’s dead, but call 311 for help from animal control.

Pet owners are also told to ensure their pets are vaccinated, even if they’re indoor animals. You also shouldn’t feed, approach, touch or adopt wild animals.