(Mankato, MN) – Two Pemberton men face felony drug charges after a traffic stop on Highway 83.

Thirty-four-year-old Billy Joe Walters and Justin Blane Mortensen, 25 were each charged in Blue Earth County Court with felony 1st and 2nd-degree drug sales.

Justin Mortensen mugshot

According to the criminal complaint, police conducted a traffic stop on March 17 on a vehicle driven by Walters.  Mortensen was the passenger.  Walters told police he didn’t know who the owner of the vehicle was, and could not provide officers with proof of insurance.  Police noticed the stereo in the vehicle was missing and wires were hanging out. Walters said a man in jail asked him to store the vehicle, but law enforcement couldn’t confirm his claim and had the vehicle towed, according to the complaint.

During a search of the vehicle, police found: five baggies containing 37.2 grams of meth, two baggies of 19.1 grams of a brown substance believed to be a “speedball,” two baggies containing marijuana, a bag of eight Provigil pills, two glass pipes, a scale, and a large amount of brand new micro baggies, according to the complaint.

A speedball, according to the police report, is a mixture of drugs, commonly made up of methamphetamine, heroin pills, and fentanyl.

Walters and Mortensen were arrested and booked in the Blue Earth County Jail.

Walters has a previous controlled substance conviction.

Mortensen was charged in January with drug sale and assault charges after he allegedly forced a teen girl to ingest coke by jabbing her repeatedly in the leg with a knife.

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