The most awkward moment at the Oscars goes to Ashley Graham for asking Jason Momoa to perform a Haka dance during their red carpet interview.

The Haka is a dance that is traditional to New Zealand and Eastern Polynesian culture and although Momoa performed it during the Aquaman premiere many people watching thought the request was inappropriate.

Momoa’s wife, Lisa Bonet also thought it was inappropriate and shut down Graham and although viewers were unable to hear what she said to Graham, she held her hand up at Graham signaling that he wouldn’t be doing the dance for her.

Momoa did, however, give Graham a Haka facial expression, which Graham imitated and social media was very irritated by the exchange, “This is…horrible. Why do white people always want POC to “perform” their culture for them as entertainment? It’s gross,” tweeted @BeeBabs.

Skip to 1:37 to see the awkwardness.