(Mankato, MN) – A Waseca man is accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl after she refused his sexual advances.

Zachary Arthur Coldsmith, 23, is facing two counts of felony 1st-degree criminal sex conduct  in Waseca County court.  Coldsmith is accused of molesting a 15-year-old girl and forcing her into a sex act.

According to the criminal complaint, the girl and her mother reported to police that the teen and Coldsmith had met at the Owatonna Alternative Learning Center last year.  The teen said she had no idea Coldsmith was 23 because they’d met at ALC.

The victim told police she and Coldsmith had gone to his 2nd Avenue Waseca home to watch a movie when Coldsmith pulled bondage gear out of his backpack.  He asked the girl if she wanted to try the device, which was a collar with a chain leash, handcuff and a metal ring.  When she declined, Coldsmith responded: “That wasn’t a very good answer; I didn’t like that answer, you are being a very bad girl right now,” the girl told police.

Coldsmith allegedly choked the victim, then sexually molested her.  When she told him no again and pushed him away, he bit her cheek and breast, grabbed her by the hair, and forced her to perform a sex act, according  to the complaint.

The victim was able to get away from Coldsmith and ran to a family member’s home nearby, according to the complaint.  Her mother took her to an Owatonna hospital.

In a search warrant executed on March 27th, bondage items and a backpack that matched the description the victim provided were found at Coldsmith’s residence, according to the complaint.  Coldsmith admitted to police he knew the victim and was aware that she was 15-year-old, say court documents.

Coldsmith also faces one count of felony 2nd-degree sexual assault and two felony counts of 3rd-degree criminal sex conduct.

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