Teddy Swims Dives Into His Past and Talks New Music

Join us on the Spout Podcast, hosted by Tamara Dhia, for an exclusive live episode featuring the sensational Teddy Swims. You know him for his incredible voice and viral TikTok presence – now dive in with Teddy on his journey from a YouTube cover artist to a music sensation. He shares with the Spout audience intimate details of his life, including the role of personal trauma in shaping his art, reflections on past relationships, and the value of grace in partnerships.

And, although maybe difficult for us to imagine, Teddy recounts his early struggles with singing that led him to discover his now-iconic voice. He also gives a touching tribute to his mother, underscoring the use of dedication in his music while empowering fans to honor the mothers in their lives.

Keep listening to hear Teddy’s views on using technology to support new artists, the importance of maintaining an open dialogue around mental health, and the impact Michael Jackson’s passing had on Teddy’s career.

Last but not least, learn the quirky and ironic origin of the stage name ‘Teddy Swims’ before the man behind our favorite voice wraps up with the ultimate heartfelt message for Megan Trainor.

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