New research has found sons spend more than daughters on gifts for mothers’ day, although all mom wants is something sentimental.

Sons spend $106 on average for a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift, finance firm Suncorp has revealed, while daughters spend $93.

“But daughters tend to be better at planning ahead and budgeting – a timely reminder in the value of planning with Mother’s Day on the horizon,” said Suncorp behavioral economist Phil Slade.

However, the survey of 1,581 found that most people value gifts with sentimental value rather than something expensive.

Slade said there is a psychological link between how much time and effort the giver puts in to come up with the present and how much they want to feel connected to the gift receiver.

“People value different qualities so investing thought into what the person you’re buying for likes may not only reduce the cost, but make it more meaningful.”

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