Is Halloween 2019 a year for hitting the town or keeping it down? Read on to find out if you should go out or stay in on Halloween, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Go Out

“Prepare yourself for an adventurous night trick or treating,” advises Stardust. With the moon in fellow party-loving fire sign Sagittarius, you’ll want to be out and about — and I’ll bet you’ll be on the hunt for both tricks and treats, in equal measure. Get on your flashiest costume and have some fun.

Taurus: Go Out

You love a festive night in, but this Halloween, take the show out n’ about. If you’re worried about getting too wild, don’t be — just make sure you pace yourself: “Don’t pre-party too early,” warns Stardust. “Moderate your intake so you can spend the whole night out.” Let yourself get home in time for a full night’s sleep.

Gemini: Go Out

Romance is in the air for you tonight, Gem, so even if you’re feeling like curling up in bed come Halloween, motivate yourself to get out on the town — especially if you’ve got your eye on someone. “A date will go very well tonight—making you happy you swiped right,” says Stardust. Grab a cute costume and hit the scene.

Cancer: Stay In

“You may call it a night early,” says Stardust, “but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun.” If anyone knows how to make a enjoyable evening out of a night in, it’s you, Cancer. Have a friend over for a scary flick and some snacks, or simply reserve your energy for the weekend — no one will judge you for rocking your costume post-Halloween night.

Leo: Go Out

Your creativity is flowing, especially with the moon in a fellow fire sign, so get your crew together for a Halloween rager they won’t forget. “You’ll want to host the ultimate Halloween party with friends,” says Stardust. Get those invites out now to guarantee a good showing, and prepare to have a Halloween blast.

Virgo: Stay In

Your energy isn’t going to be through the roof, as your ruling planet Mercury is just beginning a long backspin come Halloween day — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still get social and festive! “A casual dinner at home with your pals will get you in the holiday spirit,” advises Stardust. Use your eye for detail to make some cute Halloween-themed treats.

Libra: Go Out

Retrograde who? Come Halloween, you’ll be feeling fun, flirty, and ready to hit the town. “You’ll be dancing the night away with your new crush this Hallow’s eve,” shares Stardust. And with your ruling planet Venus in seductive Scorpio, you’ll be ready embrace the all the sensual and sexy vibes. Hit the dance floor and entrance the object of your affection.

Scorpio: Stay In

Halloween marks the first day that Mercury begins retrograding through your sign, so you’ll arguably be feeling those vibes stronger than anyone. Don’t feel pressured to make any major appearances — you might instead find yourself chatting with someone from your past. “You’ll have fun catching up with old friends,” says Stardust. No need for night life tonight.

Sagittarius: Stay In

As much as you love an excuse to celebrate and have some fun, the emotional moon is in your sign today, and it might make you feel a little introspective. “You may want to spend time with yourself, away from the hoop la,” explains Stardust. You’ve got the whole weekend to party, Sag — just prioritize self-care tonight.

Capricorn: Stay In

The retrograde is hitting, and you’re feeling straight-up exhausted. No need to push yourself. “You may fall asleep early, missing out on the festivities,” says Stardust. But is it really missing out if you didn’t intend to involve yourself to begin with? Save your energy for the weekend, when you can enjoy yourself.

Aquarius: Go Out

The past month has been high-energy for you, Aqua, so you might want to keep things chill come Halloween night — but that doesn’t mean staying in! “Hanging out with your crew is the best treat for you,” says Stardust. Nothin’ fancy is necessary — go out for a drink in costume and have deep conversations about the mysteries of the universe.

Pisces: Stay In

If anyone knows how to make a enjoyable evening out of a night in, it’s you, Pisces. Have a friend over for a scary flick, caramel apples, and a glass or blood red wine or two. “Staying at home watching scary movies is your ideal way to spend Halloween,” says’Stardust. Cuddle up under the blankets and enjoy the crispness of the autumn eve.

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