(St. Paul, MN) –  The license of a veterinarian who was reprimanded for multiple infractions at his Waseca and Mankato clinics has been suspended.

The reasons for Dr. James D. Rundquist’s license suspension were outlined in an Order for Temporary Suspension drafted by the Minnesota board of Veterinary Medicine.  The order states that the medical care provided to patients of Rundquist “demonstrates an incompetence in the practice of veterinary medicine.”

The order, signed Wednesday by board executive director Julia Wilson, says Rundquist failed to conform to minimum standards of his profession, and engaged in unprofessional conduct.

“Licensee’s continued practice would present an imminent risk of serious harm,” said the order.  The document stressed that Rundquist’s license would be temporarily suspended, effective immediately.   He is not be allowed any veterinarian practice in Minnesota.

The suspension will remain effective until the state board issues a final order.  Rundquist has a chance to contest the order at a hearing that will be scheduled within 30 days.

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