A park in Richfield has been defaced by spray-paint vandalism featuring the names of gangs and an anti-Trump message.

Washington Park, located at 7600 17th Ave., is home to a playground for children, basketball court, tennis/pickle ball courts and a soccer field.

On Tuesday, a brick building on the grounds was found to be covered with gang names and derogatory messages.

Among the words and messages painted on the building and surrounding sidewalk are:

  • “Sureños 13”
  • “Sur13”
  • “Mexican invasion”
  • “F— 12”
  • “F— Trump”
  • “blood” with an X through it
  • “crip” with an X through it
  • “MS-13” with an X through it

Brad Drayna of Richfield Police Department reviewed the photos and confirmed the gang names Bloods, Crips and MS-13, while noting that “Sur13” and “Sureños 13” are references to the Mexican Mafia.

Drayna said the Bloods and Crips “have never been in Richfield” and that “it’s been quiet in Richfield for gang stuff for years.”

He doesn’t believe the vandalism signifies an increased threat for violence or danger in Richfield.

“I doubt it,” Drayna said. “We see a lot of graffiti quite frequently in our parks, but no other crimes to coincide to gang stuff in Richfield.”