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POLL: 69% of Americans Worry About Being Judged for Their Activewear When Exercising

Americans miss over a third of their planned workouts, according to new research.

A new poll of 2,000 Americans found getting to the gym can be quite difficult — and activewear might play a bigger role than you think.

While the study showed Americans miss a ton of workouts, nearly every respondent (92 percent) said they’d be more likely to hit the gym if they had activewear they actually liked.

Having trendy and functional activewear is a big factor for active Americans, as 69 percent worry that others will judge them for not dressing fashionably when exercising.

Unfortunately, 67 percent of respondents feel their current activewear is lacking big time, and 32 percent say it’s a big reason they stay home on gym day.

Other reasons for skipping out on a solid sweat sesh include being all out of clean workout wear (31 percent), not just feeling up to it (30 percent), feeling under the weather (29 percent), work stress and deadlines (29 percent) and staying up too late the night before (30 percent).

Half of those studied make the excuse of lacking warm workout gear to wear while a further 71 percent say that if they had better workout clothing, they would exercise more frequently.

In an attempt to maintain their new, healthy exercise resolutions, 54 percent of those surveyed bought new workout clothes and sneakers to encourage themselves to keep their exercise routine even as the weather takes a cold turn.

It’s no wonder then, that 92 percent of those studied say they feel more motivated to exercise once they actually have their gym clothes on.

Americans miss over a third of their planned workouts, according to new research.

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