Oliver Tree Opens Up About Why He May Walk Away from Music

In his glorious return to the Spout Podcast, Oliver Anthony goes deep into the crossroads of his career and personal evolution with host Nick Major.

In a candid conversation, Oliver shares why music, despite being his passion, feels like a losing game he might have to walk away from. He contrasts the worlds of being a DJ to that of a traditional musician, revealing the unique freedoms and constraints within each.

As Oliver navigates the tides of change, he opens up about his growing intrigue for the film industry, hinting at a potential new chapter in his creative journey. Amidst these professional reflections, he offers an introspective look into the complexities of human connections, musing on why music is often more reliable than people.

Turning 30 has been a milestone of self-discovery for Oliver, prompting him to ponder over the significant life shifts he’s experienced, including the nomadic lifestyle he’s embraced for over five years.

It’s a conversation that weaves together the threads of music, film, love, and life’s constant flux, all through the lens of an uber-creative soul.

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