A Virginia brewery’s Lucky Charms-inspired beer evokes the breakfast cereal not only in its packaging, but in its use of marshmallows.

Smartmouth Brewing Company sad the beer, dubbed Saturday Morning, will debut Saturday at its tasting room in Norfolk.

The brewery describes the limited-edition IPA as “magically ridiculous,” a play on Lucky Charms’ “magically delicious” slogan. The design of the can is also evocative of the Lucky Charms box.

Chris Neikirk of the Smartmouth Brewing Company told USA Today the beer is “brewed with in-house toasted marshmallows and bulk dehydrated-marshmallow-bits.”

Neikirk said Saturday Morning “has a soft pillowy body with a slight cereal taste.”

Despite the Lucky Charms references, Neikirk stressed the brewery is “not marketing to children.”

“It is just a beer evoking nostalgia in adults who remember days when Saturday mornings were a time that you sat around watching cartoons and playing games,” Neikirk said.

Saturday Morning will soon be available at various restaurants, bars and specialty shops in Virginia.