Forget the flowers and breakfast in bed this Mother’s DayAccording to a viral Reddit post, what most moms really want on their special day is some peace and quiet—and a clean house.

It all started with a post on April 25 when user u/zxkool asked, “Moms of Reddit: What do you actually want for Mother’s Day?” The responses range from the practical to the hilariously relatable.

The most popular answer seemed to be just a few hours of much-needed sleep or quiet time. “One night in a hotel to sleep….and to come home to a clean house that wasn’t cleaned by me,” wrote one woman, while another explained, “I really miss having uninterrupted me time without having to worry about getting texts asking me where something is or if we have milk or whatever or watching the clock wondering how much time I have left.

Having the chores done and the house cleaned was another major theme. One mom explained, “I want a house that stays clean for more than an hour and a meal I didn’t make that I don’t have to clean after.”

Some just want to enjoy their favorite foods without having to share with their kids. Like the mom who answered, “To not have to hide in the bathroom to eat ice cream or sweets by myself. My 3-year-old can hear the wrapper on a Klondike bar from a mile away.”

Then there were those who simply want a little extra love from their family. “To feel like I’m appreciated!” one mom said, adding, “Maybe a simple thank you for always doing this… I’d rather spend time together doing something we all enjoy as a family like a picnic.”

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