(Mankato, MN) – This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation is urging drivers to safely navigate through work zones.

The construction season officially kicked off on April 4th, and the campaign, which runs from April 8th – April 12th is a timely reminder for drivers traveling through highway construction zones.

The theme for National Work Zone Awareness Week is “Drive Like you Work Here.”

More than 200 active work zones are scheduled throughout the state this construction season.  Work zones are marked with warning signs, signals, barriers, pavement markings, and flaggers.

Each year in the United States, a work zone crash occurs once every 5.4 minutes, according to the Federal Highway Administration.  Every day, 70 work zone crashes occur that result in at least one injury.  Every week, 12 work zone crashes occur that result in at least one fatality.

During the past three years in Minnesota, there were 31 fatalities and 123 serious injuries in work zones.

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