According to climatologists and other scientists the Earth is headed toward disaster due to carbon emissions and climate change. And according to climate researchers from Nature Communications, Minneapolis could resemble Kansas City in the year 2080 unless changes are made fairly quickly.

In two different  scenarios that the scientists imagined, a moderate scenario and a more drastic one, the scientists decided Minneapolis could resemble Kansas City  in the more drastic scenario. Kansas  City is on average 16 degrees warmer and also 38% wetter than Minnesota. In the less severe scenario, they decided Minneapolis could also resemble Des Moines Iowa’s climate.

Mankato is thought to resemble Salina, Kansas in the year 2080 with a 16 degree increase in heat and 6.6% wetter.

With less extreme cold, Minnesota could be faced with more pests, invasive species, disease and have a huge effect on the food chain within the United States.