If anyone is going to get a jump start on their spring cleaning it’s definitely going to be Martha Stewart, and she’s definitely going to hire someone to do it for her.

Martha embarked upon a reorganization of the basement of her Winter home, (that’s actually the name, I’m not sure if that means she only lives there in the winter, or that’s its location,) and showed how her assistant had Kon-do’ed the heck out of her place.

She  showed her fans on the Martha Blog some progress pics of the  re-organization of her beauty products and first aid supplies and people are noticing something a little off  about one of the pictures…..

Do you see it…..? Take a right after the giant $500 tub of La Mer…..

Oh! There it is! Her “specimen collections” and enema kits!

Something tells me she didn’t mean to share such an intimate photo. But hey, like the book says, everybody poops!