(Mankato, MN) – Mankato police say they’re investigating a sexual assault that occurred at a fast food restaurant early Wednesday morning.

Police were called to the restaurant at 1:37 a.m. where it was reported that a drive-thru customer allegedly exposed his penis, according to Commander Jeremy Clifton.  He say investigators are working with the business and the individual who reported the crime.

The suspect is approximately 40-year-old, white, and driving a possible Chevy S-10 pickup, dark in color.

Clifton said police are working with management to obtain camera footage, which could help determine a license plate number and identify the driver.

Possible charges for the driver, if he’s identified, are indecent exposure, and possible 5th-degree criminal sexual conduct.

“We take this very seriously.  It’s not anything that anybody should have to put up within the scope and course of their day or their job,” said Clifton.

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