A bride-to-be turned to the online community Reddit to get advice about her husband’s prenup agreement. She said that she was more than willing to sign a prenup but wondered about some of his “clauses.”

The husband included an ‘infidelity clause’ that states the bride would walk away with nothing in the event of infidelity. The agreement also included a ‘child clause’ stating that she would get a chunk of cash for each child she has.

The agreement also included a ‘weight loss clause’ stating that the baby weight for each child would have to be lost within 12 months of delivery. (Ohhhhhh man…….here’s where I can bet she hit the roof.)

Some of the commenters on the Reddit forum added that the bride-to-be should add her own clauses for HIM, such as HE needs to gain 30 pounds during the pregnancy period and must lose it within one year of the child being born. They also suggested she then add that she must have a personal chef, trainer and nanny after the kids are born so she will have help to lose weight.

Of course, the most popular opinion is that she lose about 200 pounds of dead weight before the wedding and dump him.