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Mac and Cheese Thanksgiving Turkey Is the Latest Strange Recipe From Reynolds Wrap

Reynolds Wrap is really trying to push everyone out of their comfort zones this Thanksgiving by suggesting you coat your bird with packages of powdered cheese.

The aluminum foil brand has released its latest boundary-pushing recipe – a mac and cheese coated and accented turkey.

The recipe calls for one 10 – 16-pound turkey, vegetable oil and 4 boxes of “your favorite boxed macaroni and cheese.” With the four boxes, two are to be prepared according to box directions, while two are to be used only for the powdered cheese.

According to the directions, one would prepare the turkey as normal by removing the neck and giblets and placing the bird in the center of a pan covered in aluminum foil to cook.

However, instead of simply coating the turkey in olive oil and putting it in the oven to cook, one is supposed to use the two packages of powdered cheese to fully coat the bird in the dusty orange topping.

Then it is off to the oven for the bird to cook inside the aluminum foil and, hopefully for the cheese to start to turn into more of a cheesy sauce than a powdery paste.

Once the turkey is done, Reynolds suggests removing it from the oven and placing it on a serving platter with “prepared boxed macaroni and cheese for garnish.”

Though the culinary twist on a classic does not seem too weird – as mac and cheese and turkey are both classic Thanksgiving options. The brand has been known for its out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to holiday recipes.

Last year, Reynolds released a very Instagrammable – and very complicated – Glitter turkey recipe, which called for pearl dust and gum-tex tylose powder.

And the year before that was the controversial Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey.

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