Target is synonymous with Minnesota and the Twin Cities especially, but that’s not where you’ll find the most Bullseye stores.

That’s according to Apartment Guide, which has compiled this very handy ranking for Target lovers looking to move somewhere with a surplus of the retail chain.

It ranked cities based on the number of Target stores per the population, and shock-horror, neither Minneapolis or St. Paul are No. 1.

That honor instead goes to Knoxville, Tennessee, which has one Target store for every 37,469 inhabitants.

Minneapolis and St. Paul do make the top 10 though, with St. Paul in 4th overall with one Target for every 43,803 residents, and Minneapolis 8th with one for every 46,296.

That said, there are a few points of contention with the study’s claims, not least the fact there are plenty of small cities in Minnesota and beyond that have a single Target store and a small population.

Take Alexandria, Minnesota as an example, which has one Target and a city population of 13,592.

Apartment Guide said Minneapolis is also tied for 8th for having the most Targets within city limits with 9 – in a list topped by Chicago with 20 Targets.

But even that is in question, with the Star Tribune noting that there are technically only five stores in Minneapolis.

Further investigation determined that Apartment Guide had been counting some suburban Targets in its figures, so in reality Minneapolis has fewer Targets per capita than the study suggests.

Same goes with St. Paul, which only has three Targets.


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