(Mankato, MN) – A Lake Crystal man accused of abusing a toddler has been charged in Blue Earth County Court.

Twenty-six-year-old Phillip Matthew Gindt faces a felony count of malicious punishment of a child, and misdemeanor counts of domestic assault.

According to court documents, child protection sent a report with a follow-up investigation request to the Blue Earth Sheriff’s office in January.  The report said a 3-year-old boy had bruises on each side of his face along his jaw line, and had identified Gindt as the person responsible.

According to the complaint, the boy told investigators in an interview that Gindt is his mother’s friend.  He put his hand around his neck to demonstrate to investigators how Gindt disciplines him when he gets in trouble, according to the complaint.

The boy’s mother told police that Gindt tickles the child under the jaw too hard, and that the boy bruises easily.  Gindt lives with the family.

Gindt told investigators he and the boy were playing a little rough.

The boy’s father said he had noticed the bruises and his son had told him Gindt did it.

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