(Lafayette, MN) – Picking up the Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger, one can usually expect to see farm news, a community calendar, or public notices.

The March 7, 2019 edition of the newspaper, however, featured an editorial that strayed far from those topics.

“Have sex with me,” Ledger editor Lee Zion said in the column, titled “As for me, I like option No. 2 better.”

The column was a response to a recent study on the declining fertility rate.  Zion’s plea for women to go to bed with him was option #2 in his list of solutions to remedy the problem.  Unfortunately, his readers didn’t feel the same.

“Disgusting article posted,” began one Facebook review.

“Editor has poor taste and writes trashy columns, most recently racist and inappropriate,” said Deb Rathmann Sjostrom’s review.  Sjostrom also publicly posted a a letter to Zion on Facebook calling the editorial “disgusting, disturbing, and downright creepy.”

She called for Zion to get out of Lafayette.  “We are asking that Mr. Zion make Lafayette, and the surrounding communities, less creepy again by packing up your wares and opening shop someplace else.”

So where does the racist part come in?  You’ll have to backtrack to Zion’s 1st solution for fixing the fertility crisis, namely to bring in immigrants to provide workers that would pay into social security and take care of an aging generation.  “But [the first possible solution] might bother a few of you if this means America will become less White if we keep letting immigrants coming in and have their babies here,” said Zion’s column.  Which brought him to his preferred option #2.

“I mean that everyone should have sex with me.  Well, almost everyone – just the adult women capable of bearing children.  This would serve to raise the total fertility rate practically overnight.”

Zion calls his offering “a tremendous sacrifice.  “I’m prepared to bear any burden, pay any price, meet any hardship, and squirt any squirt to Make America Great Again.”

“Based on my extensive research, I find that everyone having sex with me will generate positive results for decades to come,” Zion’s article said in closing.  “Those are my two possible solutions.  All you have to do is decide which one you dislike the least.”

Based on social media response, it appears the women of southern Minnesota have adamantly rejected option #2.

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