Some children have disturbingly strange eating and drinking habits. In a now-viral thread on Twitter, users were asked to share the weirdest ones they had as kids. Here are 10 of their grossest answers (check out the full list at the link):
  1. I used to hide under the stairs in our basement and eat dry cake mix powder with a spoon.
  2. Bananas (cut lengthwise) and mayo sandwiches. I thought that was a normal thing when I was 6. I’d ask other neighborhood moms for it instead of PB & J.
  3. I would make myself gourmet meals, cooked all by myself, of hot dogs sliced up and fried in Chinese takeout mustard and then coated in dried mashed potato flakes.
  4. As a kid, I was pretty fond of the taste of dry cat food. Probably still am, though I doubt I’ll be putting it to the test anytime soon. Post-apocalyptic survival necessities notwithstanding.
  5. I always dunked my pizza crust in my coke. Still do sometimes, actually. I also used to crush up Doritos on top of vanilla ice cream. I like sweet and salty, okay?
  6. My cousin used to make us “ketchup toast” as a snack. It’s just ketchup on untoasted white bread.
  7. When I was like 8 years old, I used to carry a little bottle of apple cider vinegar around wherever I want, taking a swig every now and then like a lush with his flask.
  8. Mouthfuls of Coffee Mate’s French vanilla powder creamer.
  9. When I went to my granny’s house, I’d put Skittles in a cup of ice water and drink it. I’d also dunk Pringles in water.
  10. 1.) I used to carry around a packet of Swiss Miss cocoa mix and use it like chewing tobacco. 2.) I ate plain spaghetti in a “sauce” of Diet Coke on more than one occasion.