The man behind the viral annual hockey hair videos after the boys’ state tournament has produced what he’s calling his “grand flow-nale.”

John King, a White Bear Lake resident who grew up in Edina, released the 2019 Minnesota State Tournament All Hockey Hair Team video for the last time over the weekend.

It’s hilarious as usual, with hockey hair terms like “salad,” “flow,” “lettuce,” and one of our favorites, “the diamond in the fluff,” bringing laughs from start to finish.

King told KARE 11 that after a decade of doing the highly anticipated videos he’s going out on top and leaving people wanting more.

“If you ever laughed once watching these goofy videos please consider donating $1 to the Hendrickson Foundation,” King wrote in his YouTube caption. “The Hendrickson Foundation supports special, sled, and military hockey in Minnesota because they know ‘Hockey Changes Lives.’”

King even got “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair to comment for the video: “That’s some fabulous flow, brother,” said Flair, ending his cameo with a “WOO!”