Here’s proof that no good deed goes unpunished: a superintendent in Indiana who was arrested and charged with three felonies last month after using her own health insurance to help a sick student has now resigned.

“My recent lapse in judgment has brought negative attention to the community and myself. I am very embarrassed for that,” Casey Smitherman said in a statement after submitting her resignation on Friday. “I sincerely hope this single lapse in judgment does not tarnish all of the good work I’ve done for students over the span of my career.”

Smitherman reportedly visited the student at home after he was out sick from school in Elwood, Indiana, on January 9. Noticing his symptoms of strep throat, Smitherman took him to one medical clinic that denied care to the uninsured 15-year-old.

That’s when she visited a second clinic and falsely identified the boy as her own son so that he could be treated. The state’s Department of Education is also considering revoking Smitherman’s educator license.