Roughly 80-percent of the information we communicate is nonverbal. So, here’s how to read your date’s body language:

  • First: Watch their posture. If they lean back, and cross their arms over their chest, they’re not interested. That’s because crossed arms is a sign that they’re subconsciously putting up a wall between you. And studies show that we tend to move toward things we like. So, if they lean on the table toward you, you’re golden.
  • Also, the direction their feet are pointing speaks volumes. That’s because people aim their body in the direction they want to be going. So, if their feet are pointed at you, bingo. But if they’re pointed toward the door, they’re mentally on their way out.
  • Another body language sign to look for on a date: Watch their eyes. If you ask something – like, “Where did you go to school?” – and they look up and to the left, it means they’re searching the memory part of their brain. But if they maintain steady eye contact, they may be lying. Liars know that eye contact is important. So they’ll often stare you down to overcompensate – trying to fool you into thinking they’re truthful. Then, if you’re on a date and they reach across the table to touch your glass, fiddle with your car keys, or anything on your side of the table – they like you. It’s a sign they want to touch you – but since that’s inappropriate they’ll touch something in your space instead.
  • Finally: Want to let your date know you like them? Mirror what they’re doing. Say, by leaning forward when they do, or picking up your glass at the same time they do. It makes them feel comfortable, because it shows you’re on the same page.