On Thursday, ESPN published a startling investigation which contained the revelation that hockey players have a ton of trouble buying jeans because their massively muscular butts are too big to fit into relatively rigid denim. “It’s an absolute nightmare between the quads and the glutes,” Montreal Canadiens center Max Domi says. “The glutes especially, because it just throws off your waist. You have, like, a 48 waist with your a**, but without it, you’re a 32. So what do you do? Meet halfway, and you still have all this extra stuff.” Last month, Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Connor Murphy tried on about 10 pairs of jeans at Bloomingdale’s and none of them fit. However, he says, “The saleswoman was really helpful and spent a lot of time with me, so I literally bought a pair because I felt bad for her–even though they didn’t fit and I knew I was going to return them later.”