If there’s one thing we can all agree on – it’s that we probably don’t want to be proposed to over a KFC bowl.

Unfortunately for one bride-to-be, this was the exact way in which her boyfriend popped the question.

But to make matters worse (and a whole lot messier), he actually placed the otherwise stunning sparkler IN the bucket of chicken, beans and cheese.

Which makes this man who got down on one knee at his local branch look like Prince Charming in comparison.

Fortunately, the delighted bride found the whole thing adorable and posted a picture of her sparkler in a ring-shaming Facebook group with the caption: “Yes this is how he proposed.”

However, other members of the group weren’t so impressed and were quick to label the whole thing “disgusting”.

One replied: “I’m shaming this ring, the proposal, the man and the meal. Start over with ALLLLL of it. Everything needs to go in the trash.”

Another added: “He proposed to you on top of a sadness bowl? Wow. Way to set the expectations for the marriage.

A third replied: “I hate when people put rings in good, you don’t know who has touched that ring…” *shivers*

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