A Minnetonka family is thanking community members for aiding in the return of a puppy who was stolen during a burglary last week.

Zoey, a five-month-old purebred miniature schnauzer, was taken along with several other items from the home of Mike Mehle on Tuesday morning.

A relative’s post about the theft on Facebook would end up getting thousands of shares, and it didn’t take long for the media to find out what had happened.

The attention seems to have paid off, with Zoey having been found and returned to the Mehle family this weekend:

“It was because all of you posted, shared and prayed for Zoeys return,” wrote Kate Keeney, niece of the Mehles, in an update to the original Facebook post. “I cannot thank everyone enough for everything!!! I am ugly crying and I’m smiling!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!”

How the dog was tracked down is still unclear. In a subsequent Facebook post, Kenney comments that few details are available because the case is “still under investigation.”

Source:  bringmethenews.com

Photo:  Facebook

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