Ed Sheeran Is Back To Spout Off!

The talented singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran joins us once again. In this exclusive conversation with host Tamara Dhia, fresh off his triumph in a copyright trial, Ed opens up about the three life challenges that inspired his incredible album, “Subtract.” He ponders the purpose of writing songs and contemplates whether they always need to be released—a thought-provoking perspective from the generational talent.

Ed reveals an unexpected connection with none other than Taylor Swift. He also reveals a heartwarming tale from his early days, sharing memories of bunking together with former Spout guest, Harry Styles.

But that’s not all—Ed takes us on a whirlwind journey through the incredible last few weeks of his life. From the release of his highly anticipated album to a captivating Disney Documentary, the start of his eagerly awaited U.S. tour, and the passing of his beloved grandmother, it has been a truly life-changing couple of weeks for the Grammy winner.

Join us for this captivating episode of Spout as we delve deep with Ed Sheeran, gaining unparalleled insights into his music, his triumphs, and the challenges he’s faced. Hit play now for an extraordinary conversation with one of our favorite all-time guests.