When a California teen didn’t have a date for prom, her grandfather stepped in.

Kaylah Bell, 17, of Lancaster, said she didn’t land a date in time for the big dance, so she asked her grandfather, Alvin Bell, to take pictures with her. She didn’t expect him to show up in a matching suit.

“My friends thought it was so adorable because they know how much I love my grandfather and how close we are, so that was nice,” Kaylah told InsideEdition.com.

Her grandfather, whom Kaylah Lovingly calls “Papa,” showed up in a blue pinstripe suit that matched the cape to her prom dress.

He also brought her a corsage for the special occasion. Kaylah said it was a special night for her grandfather as well, because he’d never been to prom himself.

“It was a cool thing to share with each other,” Kaylah said.

While Alvin couldn’t attend the prom because the cut off is age 21, Kaylah said she’ll cherish the photos forever.

Kaylah hopes the photos inspire others to cherish their time with their grandparents.

“[It] was just a true blessing and it was a very amazing experience because I’ll always remember this and this will be something that, you know, I can tell my grandchildren,” Kaylah added.

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