CVS Receipt Scarves Are Actually a Real Thing That You Can Buy

The sales receipts from CVS are legendary — and long.

And now, you can purchase a scarf that mimics the wrap-around nature of the printouts, which can often measure two to three feet with coupons and incentives.

Sure, memes abound on the internet of people wrapping themselves in the actual paper varieties.

But now, you can stay cozy with an actual coupon “scarf.”

No word if they’re redeemable.

Online retailer Etsy posted the one pictured to the right, that as of January 3 was sold out — but a quick search on the site found one available for $19.95 from another retailer, here.

Photo: Etsy (link in article).

And the company? It loved it.

As GoLocal reported, CVS Spokesperson Erin Pensa told GoLocal, “We did see it and feel that parody is a form of flattery! And we encourage our shoppers to check out the truly fun and unexpected Valentine’s Day gifts that we are offering this year.”

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