Most diners worry about food getting caught in their teeth. However, at one UK Chinese restaurant, you could get a tooth stuck in your food.

That’s according to Stephanie McDonough, who posted a grotesque Facebook photo Friday showing a human chomper in a dish from Newtown Road Cantonese Take-Away.

“DO NOT USE NEWTOWN CHINESE WORCESTER!!!” warns the 29-year-old mother from Worcester, England, in the post.

McDonough claims that she and her husband David Burrows, 38, were enjoying takeout from the Chinese restaurant in their Warndon-area home on Friday night when Burrows spat a hard object onto his plate, reports the Worcester News.

They thought it was bone at first, but “it was definitely a tooth,” alleges McDonough.

“We both checked and it wasn’t any of ours,” says McDonough, who worried that it could’ve fallen out of the mouths of one of the restaurant’s suppliers.

Even grosser, she alleges that the gnasher looked old and could’ve “seasoned” their meal with blood and bacteria.

McDonough reportedly phoned the manager of Newtown Cantonese later that night to complain. However, the boss denied her accusations.

She chalked up the Dahmer-esque discovery to a “piece of gristle in the pork or something from an onion.”

McDonough wasn’t having it: “UHM ITS A F*****G TOOTH!” she wrote in the Facebook post. Despite her protests, the exasperated diner was only reimbursed the 6.30 pounds ($8.10) for the contaminated curry and not the 17.70 pounds for the whole meal.

She filed a complaint with the Food Standards Agency’s National Food Crime Unit, and even allegedly has the tooth and curry cling-wrapped in her freezer like a homemade evidence locker.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services inspectors are investigating the incident and will visit Newtown Cantonese soon, a city council spokesman told the Worcester News.

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