You may have already gotten in the holiday spirit, but are you looking for ways to make that spirit bigger and boozier? Lucky for you, big and boozy is just what Costco is all about. Which is why it maybe shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that you can get a giant bottle of something called an eggnog wine cocktail at Costco, patron saint of all things mildly alarming that you obviously have to add to your cart.

Spotted by Instagrammer @costcobuys the Kirkland Egg Nog Wine Cocktails bottle looks like an instant holiday treat.

“Game changer! My Costco just got these 1.5 liter Kirkland Egg Nog Wine Cocktails!” the post on @costcobuys reads. “This is made with real dairy cream, contains 13.9% Alc/Vol, and is best served over ice. I cannot WAIT to enjoy the holidays with this right by my side!”

This bottle of joy retails for $8.99, according to the post. We’re talking well under 10 bucks for one and a half liters of holiday spirit.