Sure, technically fall doesn’t start for a few weeks and we’ve got more than two months until Thanksgiving, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from rolling out the more cultural markers of the changing seasons. Yup, it’s pumpkin pie time. It might still be hitting 80 degrees daily where you are, but that’s not going to change what comes into store shelves. Starbucks released their #PSL last week, but this grocery find might be even better.

That’s right — the enormous pumpkin pie that has a fan base as big as the almost four-pound pie itself has returned to Costco shelves for the season. The pie is a true classic, unchanged for more than 30 years, selling five million in 2015 alone — impressive, given that it’s only around for a third of the year.

Although the recipe is a secret (rude), we do know that they use an impressive million cans of pumpkin purée to make all these pies. You can find the cult-favorite pie at Costco for just $6. Which, should you care, comes out to about ten cents per ounce (because of course we did the math).

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