(St. James, MN) – An Iowa man is facing charges after he allegedly offered to pay for sex acts and broke into the La Salle bar that had just removed him.

James David Brosziet, 37, of Postville, Iowa, is charged in Watonwan County Court with felony 1st-degree burglary and misdemeanor general prostitution, among other charges.

According to the criminal complaint, Brosziet was kicked out of the Villiage Inn in La Salle after he offered a woman $35 to come back to his truck with him, presumably for sex.  When she declined, he doubled his offer, according to court documents.

The woman told police Brosziet came to the back door saying: “Let me in.  Be nice,” but she turned off the lights and shut the door, hoping he would leave.  She later heard a beep at the back door and found Broziet standing inside the bar.  He’d apparently used his debit card to access the door, according to the complaint.

Brozier allegedly then attacked a man who said he was going to call the police, choking him until it was difficult for him to breathe, the man told police.

The criminal complaint says Brosziet fled for his semi when police arrived, and initially wouldn’t leave the truck, but eventually emerged and was arrested.  He also faces counts of 4th-degree burglary, 5th-degree assault, and disorderly conduct.

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