(Mankato, MN)  – A Mapleton woman is facing criminal charges, accused biting her son, who is suspected to be autistic.

Amanda May Anderson, 38, was charged Tuesday in Blue Earth County Court with gross misdemeanor punishment of a child and misdemeanor domestic assault.

According to the criminal complaint, Anderson’s ex-husband reported to police on March 11th that their 12-year-old son told him Anderson had bitten him while she was trying to clip his nails.  The ex told police the boy is likely autistic, but is not diagnosed.  He was also on medication for seizures and anxiety.

Police say that Anderson admitted in text message to her ex that she had bit her son when she became frustrated.

The boy told investigators that he’s sensitive to having his toenails clipped and was trying to fight and get away.  He said his mother got mad and bit him, according to the complaint.  He told police she apologized for the incident. The criminal complaint says the boy’s injury “resembled the outline of a mouth,” surrounded by bruising.

Anderson admitted to police she had bitten the boy.  Police say she seemed “very upset” about the incident.  She’s due in court April 18th.

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