(Mankato, MN) – A Mankato woman accused of stabbing a man in the nose is facing criminal charges.

Kenesha Marie Fagin, 29, was charged Monday in Blue Earth County Court with felony 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and gross misdemeanor 5th-degree assault.

The criminal complaint says Fagin and the victim were at a mutual friend’s house exchanging good-natured barbs, but Fagin became upset when the victim mentioned her mother.

The victim told police Fagin “lost it” and came after him with a butcher knife, so he grabbed her wrist and brought her to the ground, not realizing she also had a knife in her other hand.  The victim told police he was stabbed between his eyes during that time.  The mutual friend later corroborated his story.

Police photographed the man’s stab wound, and say it appears the knife went through the bridge of his nose. The mutual friend showed police the knives Fagin allegedly used, one with blood still on the tip.

Fagin denied that she’d ever had a knife in her hand, but said the victim had body slammed her.

Fagin has a previous conviction for domestic violence.

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