Archester Rodgers mugshot

(Mankato, MN) – A Mankato man has been charged after allegedly threatening to kill a woman and punching her multiple times.

Archester Rodgers, Jr., 37, was charged Friday in Blue Earth County Court with felony counts of tampering with a witness and threats of violence, and misdemeanor assault.

According to the criminal complaint, Rodgers was staying at a Mankato apartment with a woman he had an “on-and-off relationship” with for several years.  The victim told police that Rodgers has been violent with her in the past.  When he asked her for money to repair his car and she said no, Rodgers “snapped,” according to the complaint.  The woman told police she had begged Rodgers not to beat her in front of her children, but he punched her on her head and neck.

Court documents say the victim was scared to tell police officers Rodgers name.  She told officers that Rodgers had said things would get worse if she reported him.  Rodgers threatened to get a gun or tie the woman up and pour gasoline over her to kill her, according to the complaint.

A witness told police she’d seen Rodgers punch the victim multiple times before he left the apartment.

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