(Mankato, MN) – A homeless man with a warrant for his arrest was found sleeping in the breezeway at Mankato Public Safety with a meth pipe in his possession, according to police.

Scott Clarence Hoeft, 54, is charged in Blue Earth County Court with two felony counts of 5th-degree drug possession and gross misdemeanor possession of pharmacy needles.

According to the complaint, Hoeft was discovered in the breezeway on March 6th just before 7 a.m.  He told the officer who had found him that he was cold and had no place to go, so he slept in the breezeway.  Police say he became defensive and said he was sick of being followed by law enforcement.

After discovering Hoeft had a warrant for his arrest, police searched his belonging and found a partial package of unused syringes, a broken glass pipe that later tested positive for meth, a used syringe, and “other drug paraphernalia,” according to the complaint.  After Hoeft was deposited at the Blue Earth County Jail, the arresting officer found a baggie containing six pills in the squad that had transferred Hoeft to jail.  Four of the pills were identified as Clonazepam, according to the complaint.

Hoeft was previously convicted of 5th-degree controlled substance violations in April 2016, according to court documents.

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