(Le Center, MN) – A Le Center father is facing criminal charges after he allegedly left his daughter buckled in a stroller outdoors unattended.

Mykle Jonathan Kime, 22, was charged Wednesday in Le Sueur County Court with gross misdemeanor counts of child endangerment and neglect of a child for the April 23rd incident.

According to the criminal complaint, a woman called police to report she’d seen a kicking and screaming child unattended in a stroller on East Washington Street when she left for an errand.  The child hadn’t been moved when she returned an hour and a half later, according to court documents.

When police responded around 8 p.m., they found a 3-year-old girl screaming for mommy and daddy in the yard and shaking the stroller as she tried to escape, the complaint says.  When an officer went to the door, Kime could be seen asleep on the couch.  The child nodded her head when officers asked if her father had put her in the stroller, according to the complaint.

When officers told Kime his child had been outside for some time unsupervised, he told them his daughter was “independent as f**k” and was capable of unlocking doors, according to the complaint.  Kime said his daughter most likely unlocked two doors, walked to the front of the house and buckled herself in the stroller, according to court documents.

Police say the child’s mother was visibly upset, and it was apparent she’d placed the child under Kime’s supervision.

According to the complaint, the child nodded her head when she was asked if daddy had taken her on a walk.

Kime was arrested early Thursday morning after a warrant was issued Wednesday.