Buy Dew Get Dew Gear!


Start saving your receipts when you purchase Mountain Dew products from any of the participating retailers!

This could include anything from a single bottle of Mountain Dew, a can of Mtn Dew Amp Game Fuel or Kickstart, to a full 24 pack of your favorite Mtn Dew flavor. Once your receipts total $15 in Mountain Dew purchases you can redeem the receipts at that retailer where you’ve made your purchase(s).

Your Mtn Dew Gear Bag will contain a Mountain Dew baseball cap designs, full size product samples of Mtn Dew Amp Game Fuel and Mtn Dew Kickstart, and a Mtn Dew Fishing vehicle decal! ($25+ value)

Receipts must be redeemed at the retailer where you purchased the Mountain Dew products. Check the Mountain Dew display or see a store employee to find out where to redeem your receipts. Multiple receipts will be accepted. Limit to first 20 customers. Click here for more details.